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Guiding people to restore strength and vitality in their lives through their balanced communication with themselves in order to reach inner peace and extract the divine power within them with awareness, medicine, and love to reach the desired goals

Life Elixir

Is about remembering How you are mentally and physically? and Why you are here?  you are the creator in your life

you have the power and the ability from God to use it and do whatever you what to do in his life and Other 

So Be Happy Be Strong be yourself  you are the creator, you are the only being who can do anything he wants it  so why do you waste it 
Life Elixir is about helping you to be reborn from where you are now and cross the past to be the light to yourself and to this world.
Life Elixir is the light to let you see the road to becoming one with yourself 
Life Elixir wants to help you reattach with the fore inside you that The God give you to believe in yourself and trust in your soul 
Life Elixir brand is a Sample to reconnect you with your inner power every day 
So enjoy being in this life and breath and jump to our world of happiness
The Happiness is you not for your 
Thanks for being here 

Foggy Waters

Find Your Path to Live The Life You Desire

Mentally - Physically - Spiritual

My Vision

Guiding people to the divine miracle that the Creator has bestowed upon them, which is their mental abilities, their ability to change their fate and their destiny in life, and the ease of transforming it into a completely new life.

What We Do ? 

We cooperate with you and your participation in dealing and communicating with your mind and guiding it to the path for the new life you want through relaxation sessions in which any obstacles and beliefs are removed, emotions and trauma are released, and the mind is guided to the new path to achieve your vision and goal with the best ways to deal with your mind and beliefs.

So Why You Choose
Our Tools and Techniques ?

- International accreditation

- One session can make a big difference, even in complex problems

- Ease of communication

- Safe to use by proven and robust technologies

- It creates a huge amount of physical, emotional and psychological challenges and has changed the lives of thousands of people


Thanks for submitting!

Woman by the Water

Satish Mehra

Thank you so much for a wonderful session. I thoroughly enjoyed it and benefited from it. I already feel light and relaxed. 

Thanks also for the recording. I will surely listen to it. 

God bless you and your beautiful heart. May you touch thousands of lived with your talent and good nature. 

With my warmest regards

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