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Mahmoud Qotb is a life coach and practitioner of hypnosis, using RTT Therapy, QHHT Therapy, and Life Coaching to communicate and discuss with the subconscious mind (unconscious) and directing it to meet and achieve your goals by canceling old beliefs, convictions, ideas and behaviors that negatively affect your life and which you aren't want in your life and reprogramming and training the mind By introducing completely new convictions, beliefs, and ideas as received by you, which will positively affect your life and redirect your path to the enjoyment and freedom that you want to achieve .

It is a collaborative process between coach-practitioner and YOU to reach your goal so that taking back control of your life and enjoy it with the freedom to do what you want

Coach - practitioner Mahmoud Qotb

Certified by and member of the International Hypnosis Academy H.I.A. Certified by the American Center for Hypnosis

and approved by

- The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

- Global Sciences Foundation

- RTT Therapy ( Rapid Translation therapy )

- QHHT Therapy (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techique)

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My Story

I graduated from the College of Architectural in 2003 and started my career as an Architect with a love for reading, especially in the field of human development. I continued to struggle like any other person in life, facing difficulties, obstacles, misunderstandings of people, etc. I remained perplexed, and many situations and events were repeated with me, with different people. Until I decided to know why this is the case, why I couldn't develop myself and my business?
Why does the same thing always happen and why does it repeat itself? Is there a reason for that until I took decision that is enough and beginning my journey in 2013  by reading and learning how to develop myself, my work and my life, but I neglected an important part as most of us neglect him as I started searching for books on the Internet in pdf format or clips An unauthorized video by its owners, but with the start of reading and learning, I was found that nothing had changed, but things began to get worse and darker until it hit the bottom
And then the start of my life path and my actual enlightenment, in 2017, when I began to learn everything in the right way and give the right to its owner, and I began to know that everything I was taking from the Internet, including files, videos, and even movies, was in an incorrect way, so I did not feel any benefit from it, and sometimes it was A very simple benefit that did not help my develop and change at the level of my personal or professional life or at the level of my relationship with myself
And then I decide to look at things in a different way and began to search in the right way and correct my path, and one of the most important questions that changed the course of my life was
Why do I have these beliefs and why can't I change them?
So I started a journey of actual research from a study of vital energy, reiki, money energies, studies of beliefs and ways to change them, and everything began to change in my life until I took a god resolution by studying hypnosis at the hands of an expert and certified practitioner, Professor Nihad Ragab, and then he completed my studies and developed my skills in hypnosis. And I found it wasn't enough and not fast so I searched unit studied the rapid transformation at the hands of the international teacher, Marissa Beer, the founder of the rapid transformation therapy technique, and I studied the techniques of the mind, its methods of work, dialogue with it, and treatment techniques through the mind.

than going on other direction following my path until meet QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques)  by Dolores Cannon that allows people to access a part of themselves that holds all the answers some people call this the Higher Self, the Over Soul, the Super Conscious clients are able to have a much clearer understanding of why things are the way they are - and to ultimately create change within themselves.

And then everything began to change when I learned that I could change everything in my life and everything in my beliefs and I finally could heal myself and heal others and help them regain strength and freedom in their lives Everything changed when I learned how to deal with the mind that God has subjected to us, how to direct it to what it wants, and to understand why the mind repeats the same mistakes and what is their purpose.
Everything changed when I learned that everything is in my hands and that I am able to repeat, amend, add and delete anything in my life and in my mind and train it to do miracles for me and be supportive of me in all aspects of my life to help me live freely and happily.
Everything changed when I knew that the mind is like Aladdin's lamp, harnessed to me by the Creator and does everything for me as I want
Everything changed when I knew that my mind was able to remove any obstacles in front of me and that I was able to communicate with him and guide him to do whatever I wanted.
Everything changed when I decided to take responsibility for my life and turn my life into the path I wants in life and to live happily and freely from any obstacles. Even if obstacles exist at any level of my life, I am able to deal with them and change them to what I wants.
It was then that he decided to turn part of my interest and my life into guiding people to completely new paths, ways in which the individual takes responsibility for their life and are able to overcome negative obstacles and direct their life to what they wants.
I decided to help people free themselves from trauma, delusions, emotional blocks, and physical and intellectual ailments
I decided to help you become free from all that holds you back in your life and take control of your life again in order to live the life you want
And remember, we learn the life we live, so learn to live again
Thank you for your interest in knowing a brief overview of my career
Coach / Mahmoud Qutb

Thanks and Appreciation

Thank you to everyone who helped me, whether by guidance, learning, or through readings in their books and knowing their ideas that completely developed my life.
Thanks to everyone who helped and contributed to my development on a personal and professional level
Thank you to my wife, my life's companion, for her patience and help
Thank you to all the companions of the path who helped me to what I have reached now, and I specialize in mentioning, thanks and gratitude to

1- Ibrahim Al-Faqi

2-  Ahmed Emara

3- Dolores Cannon

4- Marisa Peer

5- Nihad Ragab

6- Tony Robbins

7- Jack Canfield

8- Mark Beale

9- Kain Ramsay

10- Noor Farg

11- Melissa Crowhurst

12- Vadim Zeland

13- Wayne dyer

14- Esther hicks

15- Deepak Chopra

16- David R. Hawkins

17- Joe Vitale

18- Salah Al Rashid


And other thinkers and creators who helped change my life and the lives of many others
Thank you for sharing this moment of gratitude with me
Coach / Mahmoud Qotb


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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